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your lips hold more
than secrets,
they hold memories.

it’s too easy
to seek comfort
in the fire of an old love:

i fall for faces
like yours
all the time.

i always fall for your type.

i know
all of your kisses,
the curves and ridges
of your lips,
how tight are your hugs
and how your voice sounds
when you call my name
late into the night.

like a siren,
i hear your calling,
your sweet singing,
down I go,

“i know you love me, but you’re not in love with me”


and, as you leave,
i don’t know
how i should feel.

the sun rises,
the birds chirp
and the world starts spinning again

(as does my head)


the part of the story no one wants to hear


is that, in the end,
you’re not really better
than him.

that she indeed could find
someone finer than you.

that you are not the greatest,
not irreplaceable.

not someone
special, one of a kind,
as you thought yourself
to be.

all in all,
you are just a person,
– neither good nor bad –
just one
that wasn’t right
for someone else.

(and that yes, she got over you
and, surely, found
somebody just as good,
if not worthier)


the good part
that I personally think you should hear
that you’re no one’s second choice,
no one’s leftovers,

and that you do have value,
maybe not for this one person,
nor that other,
but you’ll be a good fit
for somebody new.

the pursuit of happiness


In the end, it wasn’t like we had so much in common anyway. You, for example, hated ice on your gin and tonic. I could never, EVER,  love a person like that.