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i like the early morning,
when there are no people talking;

the only sounds that break the silence
are the ones that tend to lull
us back to sleep, in a slow rhythm:
white noise from the fan,
breaths, hot and soft, on the pillow.

i like that, when the first rays
light up the bedroom,
usually there is only
content quietness.

I am reassured
by early mornings,
by the simple routine of
hot water flowing to the ground coffee,
the clinking of the mugs on the table.

i like the brief moments
when my body is still infused
with the confusion of dreams:
consciousness still seeping into reality.

I am comforted by
the smell and warmth of the sheets,
of the shampoo and soap you wash with,
the brewing coffee,
the sizzling waffles.

it’s one of the very few moments
when I get to just be.




cruising the city’s downtown during a holiday is way too close to a scene of an apocalyptic movie. all silent, gray skyscrapers, no hustle and bustle from people coming and going, no noise from buses and cars rushing down the streets, no nothing.

everything in sight is the homeless guy, strolling lazily under the gentle white sunlight, the leaves on the trees being rustled by a soft wind, the doors and windows closed on the commercial offices buildings, maybe, a lonely bird chirping on a square… at a distance…

nothing else. me, my silent eyes as I sit on a concrete bench. nothing more, no one around me. the silence and stillness are not unexpected, surprising, but in fact uttermost frightening: like time itself has been suspended and everything disappeared out of thin air.

no tether


some days, you just have nothing

conclusion #74


I am ready for you to break my heart all over again.




for being despicable enough to make me fall out of love with you.