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wish you were here


i miss people that don’t deserve it.

I have to tell myself
that i shouldn’t feel anything,
– cold and amiss –
that they probably don’t miss me,
and never t think about me,
that they left me behind
and even wish
bad things on me.

i see their ghosts
and little evidences
of their passage
through my life

little scribbles
in books,
smiling pictures,
burned behind my eyelids,
sometimes my dreams.

and that touches
me deeply.

so, i miss them dearly
like one misses
the departed:

with moist eyes
and very dearly,
whishing them peace.




my father
was a good christian
that loved saying:
not even the lord
was able to please everyone;
so you won’t be either.

his words resonate
to this day.

thus, it’s ok
if someone hates you, really.
we came to this world
for other things,
greater things
than petty people.

hear what i say:
there is
no need to try so hard
to please others;
to try so badly
to give love,
nor to yearn so hard
to be loved in return.

love doesn’t need to be so
fought for.

just follow your true north,
your heart,
-constant, steadfast
be your best self,
loosen your grip
and the right one
will slip right in.



i never think
about you
when i am sober…
but the moment
i get intoxicated,
you are all i want
in my mouth.