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it’s my birthday today


I am, at last, 30 years old.

A day I never envisioned
but always hoped to get to.

Isn’t life a hoot?
I like to think so.

as a gift
I dedicate to myself
an itsy bitsy part of my very favorite poem:

“(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)”
– e. e. cummings





i just wish i could be surrounded by sea, now.
the gray sky above,
sand beneath.
no noise, no people.

just me, and the crashing waves
[the only sound].
maybe i’d put my feet in the water
in the sunless midday.
watch as the foam dissipates over and over,
feel the ocean wash away this knot that’s settled in my stomach,
the dizziness that clouds my head.

it is a weird feeling,
growing older.
a chill that settles in the bones.

may we meet again


i remember you differently.
it’s something about your face, but I can’t pinpoint what.
maybe it’s your cheeks… they used to be more sunk in.
nowadays, i see, your face is fuller…
the shape was a bit more oval
back in the day.
you are starting to look more and more like your mother now, you know?
it’s true.
surely, you’ve got a haircut, but that isn’t it either.
or maybe it’s your eyebrows –
they used to be so bushy and restless,
a sign of our disheveled youth!
now they have a more daring design, going upwards,
that makes your expression always look a bit angry.

maybe that’s it.

or maybe it’s just your eyes, what swims in them.
the little flecks of things.
the years.

yeah, that’s definitely it.

we’ve aged and it shows.



“say you love me to my face”

it doesn’t always
need to be like this.

this life.

doesn’t need to be
like an eternal Monday morning,
with a job that we hate,
gastritis from too much coffee
and not (never!) enough sleep.

doesn’t need to be
a bellicose declaration at every corner,
a war that is started every night:
with belligerent blood
and dead bodies scattered along the way…

why must we make
so though
and so rough,
abrasive like sandpaper?

why choose to live a life
with sharp, jagged edges,
that cut through dreams?
why pick on scabs that never heal?

everything can be shiny
and smooth, believe me!
we can go on a good swirl
inside our love and affection,
go down a good path
if we learn to see one another.

it can be good
and breezy, I assure you!

no need for sacrifices,
pain, absolution and redemption
of fallen heroes.
all I need is for you to be you,
and accept me for being me.

there is no space for miracle saviors:
our torturous books
lied to us!