may we meet again

i remember you differently.
it’s something about your face, but I can’t pinpoint what.
maybe it’s your cheeks… they used to be more sunk in.
nowadays, i see, your face is fuller…
the shape was a bit more oval
back in the day.
you are starting to look more and more like your mother now, you know?
it’s true.
surely, you’ve got a haircut, but that isn’t it either.
or maybe it’s your eyebrows –
they used to be so bushy and restless,
a sign of our disheveled youth!
now they have a more daring design, going upwards,
that makes your expression always look a bit angry.

maybe that’s it.

or maybe it’s just your eyes, what swims in them.
the little flecks of things.
the years.

yeah, that’s definitely it.

we’ve aged and it shows.


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