so recently, I found my little black notebook and typed the whole shit out. thus, this is number one from 15 little bits and pieces, little shortcuts from “the notebook series”


“fresh new cut”

I hadn’t felt love in a long time.

how weird it is to regain a sense that I thought I long had lost. how weird it is to feel joy upon seeing a person’s face, to have, by their laugh, my existence – my very own core – brightened.

how wonderful it id to feel full of destiny, of possibility – to see through rose-tinted glasses my paths that seem blocked or unreachable, to feel hope and lightness enough to smile on a monday, in the middle of the street, for no reason.

however, how sad it is for it all be devoid of a concrete future.
how devastating it is that we will eternally be an “almost” instead of “always”.

to never get to be us:
to always be just you and me.


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