go for it!

drinking the wine of youth,
owning everything with bad attitude,
reckless behavior.

keep frontin’.

go out in a warm, sunny day.
sweat while cruising
all over the city:
west side,
east side,
up the hills,
down swerving alleys…

go big and go loud,
laughing with peers,
shooting breeze,
passing cigarettes back and forth.

love between punches as well.

leave home at 10 o’clock
for lunch.
stay for
a meal that ends up lasting 12 hours
all over town
(painted red)
that consists of beer
and many small courses
that every pub has to offer.

along the way of the journey,
between subway trips and connections,
feel the beauty of young love
and the dramas of it:

how easy it is for you,
godless children,
to just defy what’s expected of you,
to be so much more
than people think you should be.

that you are the bums of dharma,
considered nothing much by adults,
thought worthless of anyone’s attention…
and, due to this, you, you, YOU
cherish yourself
for you are everything
and so much more.


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