heavy cross

it drips in
and drips
and drips

these questions.

they go swirling
inside my mind,
fueling insomnia,
plaguing my rays of sunshine.

“why?” is the first
(and probably the most important one).
so I wonder
as I wander
the floors of my anguish:
why now?

why this
after four years of silence?
after that fateful day
of dreadful angry venom
spat out of my mouth?
after such sour goodbyes?

after all said and done…

what could you possibly want?
what is it that you have to say?
what brings you to my doorstep
with informality enough
to ask me to break bread with you?

and last, but not least:

why choose to haunt me?
why not let sleeping things lay?
have you no mercy?
don’t you know
the strength of the hold
that you still have on my heart?


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