come autumn

I dreamt that we consumed
our summer love a little later,
let our hearts blossom
with a bit of a delay,
honoring the slow burn of our
veiled desire.

I dreamt that I uttered my love
right into the shell of your ear
so that the autumn breeze wouldn’t carry my words away.

I dreamt that we enjoyed my vacation
minute by minute,
and that I took you to all the spots I wanted
to show you,
courted you nicely and smoothly
with all the quirky dates I had planned
(but that we didn’t go because we didn’t
get to be)

I dreamt that we embraced tightly,
skin on skin,
under the mild sun of Copacabana beach.
sprawled on the still-hot white sand
e conversed deeply over cold beer,
laughing among
butterfly kisses on the nose,
hickeys on the neck
and flirty bites on the thighs…

(until your lover found out,
that is,
and punched me in the eye.
then, in my dream, you cried,
a heart divided between two darlings…
but don’t cry.
she’s got you now.)


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