diamond versus flesh

you won’t domesticate me.
I ain’t something made to be tamed.

I’m an animal made of salt,
and stone.
I’m someone that raised oneself
to walk this world alone
and that is still walking,
against the grain,
despite life
and everything in between.

I was born
because I couldn’t birth myself.
And I came to this world with reason:
to touch wood,
to grow life from the roots of earth,
and to work fire, bend iron,
all those hard things
that cut the surface
of the flesh
and make the eyes
prickle with tears.

there is no one on this planet
that will subdue me, no force.
no man that will bind me
in ropes,
trap me in cages,
enslave me in chains,
or hurt me with words
or sticks and stones.

I can’t be restrained.

I am smoke.
I am a thing
of beauty
with brutal force,
a wonder of nature,
like a tornado
or a tempest.

I’m a woman,
arrogant, yes,
but also
full of me.


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