through the prism of desire

come see me. come at once, come in a hurry. run! run, your feet bare on the ground, run as fast as you can. come to my house, for I can no longer stand the distance between us. I can no longer control my yearning, can no longer stand how much I miss you. I am tired of counting the miles between our lips, the absence of the heat of your back against my chest. come, please come. just arrive as you are – dirty clothes, unruly hair –

(I don’t mind)

for I can no longer hold in me the countless kisses I want to lay on the surface of your body. come, for I am bursting around the seams with want, and, even more embarrassingly, with need. come closer, come faster, for I am bent on my knees waiting for so long already! come so I can hold you safely like you want.



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now, your turn!

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