dolce (new year’s eve eve)

another year goes by.
a terrible year
as rated by peers
(and, apparently,
anyone with a sane mind).

the boot to the butt
we give it.
celebrate its departure with champagne
and joyful goodbyes!

but it wasn’t so awful,
this year, in my mind.

heartbreaks are never fun
nor easy,
death of loved ones,
and separations
are always sad.

but so much did we learn
in twenty-fifteen,
so much we discovered
about ourselves,
our souls, our essences.

deep we dug
and there we found
long lost things
-so precious-
that were deeply asleep…

so we woke them up and merrily
we played together,
putting our hearts to good use,
our mind to good thoughts:
we were the best
we could be for all who needed.

and god, we reflected
and pondered much
about our age and humanity.
about society… what all meant.
and as iron sharpens iron,
so did we sharpen one another,
embraced one another.

so, a selfish year it wasn’t,
for much kindness we found
to give when others needed,
many hugs we shared
when the night was dark
and tears were abundant.
much close we stood
when the bomb blasted
in the perimeter of our peace.

together we stood
in the eye of the hurricane
and that was beautiful;
it was a lesson learned
in the direst of times,
a message that resonated
even when the air was heavy,
even when the world was heavy
with the weight of its people’s hearts.

we fought a war and we won.

so may another year come
[maybe with slightly lighter learning,
one that doesn’t feel like we’ve been punching knives],
bringing the sweetness that comes
from learning to be a different person,
a better person,
that is alone but not lonely,
that raised oneself but trusts others,
that faces troubles with an open chest,
that sheds old skin to be born anew,
that burns necessary bridges,
expelling bad people from the spirit’s branches
and that is,
at ease with oneself.


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