you should know that we are not normal natural creatures. you should know that we may speak animatedly, but that we live inside our heads, creating illusions, and are constantly living among our fictions. you should know that that’s why we seem childish at times, serious on others, and often look aloof in our reserved moments. you should know that we project our fantasies and our desires on people in these incredibly cinematic ways and that we won’t accept anything below the standards we’ve created, even though reality never lives up to our expectations. you should know that we are dreamers, constantly broody and philosophical, and that us, ourselves, are our own biggest disappointments and frustrations. you should know that we are reckless sometimes, and careless, and that we live for what is intangible, unattainable. you should know that, to us, desiring is most of the fun and that, once we get it, we move to something else, always unsatisfied. you should now that we are vain and fickle and distant for we are forever bored with things. you should know that we get angry and spit bile, vile, only to be sweet on you when you least expect it or when we most need it. you should know that nothing is constant and that even though we love to promise forevers, we fail, we leave – one day of joy, one day of miserable unhappiness.

you should be advised that us, humans, are a very strange folk full of manic hopes and yearnings and that discretion when interacting is advised.


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now, your turn!

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