life in stereo

Yeah, I love clichés. Matter of fact, who doesn’t? If people didn’t believe and live their clichés, if they weren’t cherished, they wouldn’t be clichés – they would be, instead, special and precious things that only the most privileged and entitled are able to enjoy. A thing for the smart ones, separated from the masses. So I enjoy them, as everyone else does… I abuse them as I can. Only, I never tell! So, secretly, I seek them in daily moments, like in a movie. I think of a scene that fits and I love it. I act it, go on, pretending that my life is a video-clip when it rains at night and I look out the bus’ windows on the journey back home. I smile joyously when a baby laughs, when the sun shines brighter, ready for the close-up that exists only in my mind. I really adore it. And I hope, secretly, that the person drawing on a beaten up notebook on the other side of the café is also living his own cliché too, all immersed in a fantasy that audiences cry whilst listening to the deep, emotional monologue he is reciting in his head – quoting and unquoting his own imagination until he achieves the perfect cliché speech.


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