in this king’s castle

I am the oracle, the only eye who really watches all. I see fortunes fall like flies, dead, see all things that are written and spoken and that cannot be undone. I am the only one paying attention to the madness that seeps in, to the realm of hysteria that permeates this household slowly. I am the only mouth speaking clearly, the only voice telling what’s about to come. However, the process is slowly obliterating me. I know I am falling in the same path, I can feel it in the back of my brain, in the bottom of my soul. It’s a shiver. It’s an announcement that sanity is slipping by, year by year, that I’m walking this path dictated by the line of bad blood that has been bred for so long. In my madness I am the only one with enough sanity to see. And in my blindness, I can truly see all.


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