when having lunch alone (a guide for the introvert)

Try very hard to avoid loneliness. When failing, become invisible. In the most crowded of restaurants, be a chameleon in the ocean of heads, your voice merely whispered among the waves of sound. Avoid eye contact, bury you nose in a book, a notepad or a phone and browse away to a world where you are able to do whatever you want, be whomever you please. Avoid the inevitable: watching people happier than you, their gestures and signs, and just emulate a friendly, shy smile to the waiter when placing your order. Avoid the uneasiness of extra empty chairs and sets of knives and forks. Sit facing the wall, in that maladjusted table for one in the corner, if possible. Do what I do personally: drown yourself in calories even though your stomach can’t handle one more single bite. The crunchy sounds of your mastication will dampen the sounds of your own thoughts. Skip dessert, ask for your coffee to go. Pay your check with money, tip well – it will avoid the time of card approval, receipts and the penny back. Hurry, quick, back to the office – you’ll appear very, very busy to others. Important. Flee. Embrace your escape.


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