on the go 2

Haven’t rode the subway yet for it has been closed for reasons I cannot understand. A red sign tells me the motive, but I cannot make sense of it. Language hasn’t been such a barrier in a long, long time. It is like I am a child again and letters are an enigma, something foreign – out of this world – as I twist my tongue, trying syllables out loud with an open mouth. So I keep walking, because the language of my feet and of my sense of direction I can understand. And on the thin sidewalks, long lines of tired white faces smoke, leaning against the walls, waiting for the bus. The buses always seem too crowded to get on, people standing and staring, waiting for the daily suffering on the smallest of paths. Thus, here I am, conquering every street and neighborhood, all its squares and parallel lines, its blocks of civilization and progress, neatly separated and arranged. Surely, it is tiresome, but it gives me the chance to see up close, touch, smell and taste all the dust, people, pieces and bits – gives me the opportunity to get real, like I am just another nobody-else.

And it’s a cold Monday today and the sun was kept behind the fog and clouds. However, the main avenues rose to life and chaos with workers and children, and after 3 hours to get to places, I finally warmed up enough to smile. The city was, as usual, very beautiful – all very tall buildings hiding secrets and keeping memories of times that refuse to go away. Unlike the seas of people that pass by and of the leaves that fall, the buildings stay, with its gargoyles and windows, like eyes, watching the tops of our heads from above. And eyes follow from every café in every corner – Buenos Aires and its European air – as I walk and walk and walk and walk.


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2 Responses to “on the go 2”

  1. Pedro Says:

    I liked the both texts too much.
    It’s a bit hard to put it… But they sound very honest and simple. And this is amazing *___*


  2. Flavs Paradise Says:

    thank you. a couple of more are coming as soon as I make peace with them


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