bound to be broken

– you are gonna be one of those, aren’t you? one that I chase and that, later, get a bit heartbroken, do some regretting… one where I get a little burnt? but also one that I forget the bruises and blacks and blues and come back and kiss again just so you can, further down the road, let me go. you look like one of those that will make me go home and, even though I have no right, feel jealous at the whole other lovers’ shenanigans, ain’t I right? you are one of those, one that I’ll cry over and moan to my friends about and say that I’ll never call again but will end up seeking, drawn right back by some inexplicable fire, and that I’ll drunkenly kiss and hug and spend the night and ask you to marry me in whispers over coffee, naked in stranger’s dirty furniture, only to leave in the morning, regretful and shamed, pretty penniless and panty-less, right? you are one of those, aren’t you – tell me, sweet baby? ain’t it you?

– no, I’m not, I swear!

– so sorry, honey. guess that’s just me, then..


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