the universe seems unhinged for a moment, unstable. its legs wobbly, as if trying to stand up. I see. it breaths. inhales, exhales. trembling, in short gasps, regaining power after so long sobbing itself to sleep.

it smiles, once again. the whole thing, the planets and dark matter and forbidden, untouched secrets. a teeth-full, most adoring thing, bright and shiny, in a light as hot as a thousand suns. my eyes can barely handle it, but even if my corneas were burned to a crisp, I’d be glad to be alive to witness it. I am glad, and alive.

all sceneries seem blurry, spinning in fast revolutions. trees, although shaking, stand tall, fighting to maintain balance while standing on the shoulders of giants. getting a glimpse of the future. it’s shaky, they say, but there. or maybe it is just my own eyes. it is all so fast, so I, myself, take a deep breath of fresh air and the world is here, inside me, in my bloodstream. captured.

and it explodes. everything in here, organs I can’t name, cells I cannot control. it implodes due to the magnitude of amazement. I am infatuated with it all. in love. and this feeling surfaces, so I let it bleed out. purge me. I touch and smell, maple, cement, jasmine: I taint all life with this uncontrollable desire to see and have and be. with love and Buddha gratitude for all beings.

they tell me it is just a good phase for a Gemini, a good conjuncture of fate, but I like to believe that everything is, indeed, just so colorful and big. a lovely grandeur. a stream that, even if a delusion, flows, spills and pushes every pregnant, dormant bud into blossoming anew.

it feels safe here to just lay here and laugh freely, wholeheartedly, under this black quilt that covers the head of the night. this thick blanket of poets’ dreams that, yes, has many-a-time been treaded upon, but that is just content to be laid and spread there for all those who wish to walk by it.

a life that bears only fruits and no regrets. not any longer. it just gives and gives, expecting nothing back. unselfishly. it is breathtaking. a movie of light bulbs and noise that pans before us all. I barely noticed it, but that now I finally see. you can, too. you just have to just stop and stare at it, be willing to see it, too.

I am delighted by the power of all these words and images, of everything that seems to move, unrelentingly, before my eyes. so impressed that I even forget the frailty of mortality, the sadness of burials. people fall in many ways around me but they come back. I am glad for that. all lives and vapors are not wasted, not a single drop of soul left behind. even if not absorbed by the dry earth that is the minds’ eyes of others, it evaporates to shower us once again.

it is all a delicate yarn of a sultry sea, seamlessly knit to the richest strip of sand.

of time. and history.

so I, hungrily, dive in the inspiration, from beggars to Doisneau, from the bitter coffee to the sweetest kisses that strangers blow to their departing children.

goodbye, farewell. see you soon.

and the world regains its breath. it puffs, whispers sweet nothings into my ear, soothingly. and eyes that were cloudy with tears are now clear to perceive the infinite beauty that every crack on the pavement holds.


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