you spun me nice and long… now it’s your turn

I’m not exactly happy, but I like how things turned out. I enjoy the sense of justice, the balance of the universe. what some call revenge, and others, karma.

how does it feel to be kept hanging from a thread, spinning? upside down, no north, endlessly… isn’t it nauseating? does it make you desperate? apathetic? sad?

full of despair, certainly.
hopeless, maybe.

but it makes me feel content. you are now able to walk in my shoes. does it make it really better? no, not at all. your pain doesn’t annul mine. but I can surely appreciate good irony.

isn’t it just terrible to miss someone all the time and not being missed back?
isn’t it just awful to think about someone that doesn’t think of you back?
isn’t it just absolutely cruel to build up hopes and dreams and have them crushed?

isn’t it…

yes. the bittersweet taste of it.


One Response to “you spun me nice and long… now it’s your turn”

  1. Thiago Mota Says:

    I love you when your evil.


now, your turn!

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