it’s called a relationship, you know?

I know it is really nice when you have someone to just unleash your desires, to fulfill your momentary needs, to seek and find instant gratification of the body – a fuck, a fling, someone that satisfies the fetish of the flesh…

… but don’t you ever miss having someone that will just sit on the other side of the table, over coffee, and listen intently to your stories, fingers grasped, like you are the most interesting thing on the face of the earth? someone that will steal long, meaningful glances and that will smile at you a beautiful and loving smile, one that is a little crooked and shy on the mouth but brilliant and warm on the eyes? miss having that someone that treats you with respect and adoration, and shows it in all feather-soft touches? that someone, whom you no longer have, that laughs and listens while wondering “this could be it for the rest of my life”? don’t you wish you could have it back?


One Response to “it’s called a relationship, you know?”

  1. xasika Says:

    yes, i do.


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