final countdown

and in that moment I felt the desperation of dying an asfixiating death, those last moments when you think that you aren’t living anymore so you regret turning down that person and you think you haven’t watched enough movies and seen enough places and read enough books, you think “that’s it” and you want to laugh one last laugh and you want to cry one last tear, just one more, I promise I’ll be a better person, I promise that I won’t lie. Oh, how I wish I had traveled, how I wish I had let it all go, a big “fuck you all”, specially to those little bitches that I hated but faked a smile in order to be nice, fuck being nice, I was dying, I was sure of it, and it was so sunny outside, so bright, the cats lying on the floor, and I was going, few last minutes, I was sure, and one last thought, that went to you.

and then I closed my eyes for the final moment and then I fell asleep.


One Response to “final countdown”

  1. xasika Says:

    aí você vê que não tava morrendo e continua sorrindo por aí, sem viagens, sem ver mais tantos filmes, sem ‘fuck you all’.


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