Henry Rollin’s Stalingrad

“You were the small, brightly colored bird that the boys incinerated their hearts upon. They loved you bitterly and called you a witch. You wanted to belong to someone. You found one but he tricked you and tore you like a sister’s doll in a mean brother’s hands. And so you became the hurricane child spewing glass shard cat heart blood, chewing off your foot to get free. I tracked the blood drops through the snow and found you. You didn’t fear me. You saw it in me and I saw it in you and we safetied our weapons. You were the wolf that stood by the edge of my campfire every night. I would call out to you, but you wouldn’t come closer. A few minutes later, it was very cold and the fire was very bright and we could see each other’s faces. You saw it in me and I saw it in you and you came and sat next to me and warmed yourself. We were together from then on and nothing could separate us. The world lost its hold on us. We went out against time and convention. I would give you the map of where all the land mines on my property are, and part the razor wire so you could join me behind the tree line. I don’t care if I ever see any one of them again, but I could look into your eyes for a long time. It’s safe back here, behind the tree line. Can you hear me calling to you from across the river? Please come. Hurry. There is not much time. The snipers will be back at their posts soon and crossing will be risky. Please hurry to my heart.”


2 Responses to “Henry Rollin’s Stalingrad”

  1. marcobenzo Says:

    I think that’s the only text I send to you that you like as a whole. At least I have a good arsenal.


  2. Flavs Paradise Says:

    I liked others as a whole, but this one ha pretty imagery…


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