my soul, my sin

she made you a better person. she is your better half. she made you change for the better. without her, you are nothing. she is sweet and tender, she is the nicest person that I ever knew. you should hang on to her, you really should. she is so sweet and caring, she is a very loving person. she is the best. ever. she made you clean, got you rid of your vices. you should never let her go. without her, you are incomplete, you are a failure. she is your saviour, she is your north. you should follow her wherever she goes. she helped you built yourself up again, you owe her everything. she helped you be who you are. you wouldn’t have a single thing without her. without her, you are an apeshit, an asshole, a dumbshit, a sack of putrid turd. she gave you everything, she forgot about herself. she made you overcome your problems, and that rotten friends of yours. she gave your life a sharp turn, and now, with her, you are a brand new man. you are respectable, and she gave you that. she manipulated your future, and now everything is so bright. and new. and kinda empty, but you are fit. healthy. a citizen. she almost isn’t one for you, almost too good. she is so much better than you, she commands you so well. you should thank every god for giving you her. you should be eternally grateful for her. you should just give up – and give her not only your heart, but your soul as well.

you should fall in love with her. she made you a better person. she is you now, and you are her. you are great. she is a terrible person.


One Response to “my soul, my sin”

  1. xasika Says:

    meio rajiano..


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