a life other than mine

people say you only live once, and that is as far from the truth as any other common sense or popular saying. I, in my own short span of life, have lived many lives in one, and all at once, and some here and some there. some others in dreams. I have been a junky, a happy drunk, a depressed scholar; as dense as a door, a genius, a saint and a whore – I have lived the lives of spies, of movie actresses, I have shot imaginary video clips while listening to songs, walking down the street in the rain. I’ve been man and woman, felt their anxieties and their desires. I have eaten breakfast as a King, king of my own castle – my own kingdom without key, I have left the city as a lonesome, Buddhist traveller. I have kept the mystery of me, and I’ve told them all to others. I have died, more than one time, on the streets, in my head, on the wish of others. countless are the lives that I’ve lived, that I’ve spent, that I’ve killed. I have hated and I have loved.

since I woke up this morning, for example, I’ve resurrected from the dead, been deaf and lovely, and am now living the life of those who wait for something else.


One Response to “a life other than mine”

  1. Jun Says:

    I like that.


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