it’s alive

at night,
when all things seem asleep,
nature works
and nature breathes,
and plants grow
and seeds blow
away in the wind.

at night,
when all humans dream,
leaves fall
and summer leaves
the trees.
autumn’s in.

and at night,
when eyes can barely see,
nightly flowers
– full of life –
whilst dead people lay
in their beds
and in their tombs.

at midnight,
when no one’s watching,
branches are pointing
towards the sky.

inch by inch
they are growing
every night.
their stems and petals
grow older,
and oak trees’ trunks
are now probably older
than you are.

nature grows
and nature survives,
day after day
and night after night,
whilst your eyes are closed,
whilst they’re out of sight.


now, your turn!

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