tiny feelings

I hope you share my fate. the inexorable one, unchangeable. I hope you wander about the same fields I did, and that you share the same feelings – a desert, those are, where nothing could ever grow, apart – maybe – for that little flower that stands there, at the bottom of the cliff. unreachable, with thorns. down down in the deepest of the fall, it was there. I hope you’re clasped by the same unrelenting nights, where one could not but stand like a fool next to the unimaginable horror that permeated the thoughts. I hope you share the same sleepless darkness, the dreamless sleeps, and that you lie down in the merciless sweat of your fears, that you smell it soaking your sheets as well as your mind. I hope that you share my fate of discovering the puzzle, constructing it, the frightening goosebumps rising to the flesh when you are down to the two last pieces! I hope you will feel the implacable sense of victory up to the moment where you realize that the pieces don’t fit. two different pieces, albeit so similar, are still so different – never meant to assemble a harmonic picture.

still, after all, I hope you’ll end up as happy as you are entitled to.


now, your turn!

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