and Bukowski said: “And here, at last, was a man who was not afraid of emotion”

“… one day I pulled a book down and opened it, and there it was. I stood for a moment, reading. Then like a man who had found gold in the city dump, I carried the book to a table. The lines rolled easily across the page, there was a flow. Each line had its own energy and was followed by another like it. The very substance of each line gave the page a form, a feeling of something carved into it. And here, at last, was a man who was not afraid of emotion. The humour and the pain were intermixed with a superb simplicity. The beginning of that book was a wild and enormous miracle to me.

I had a library card. I checked the book out, took it to my room, climbed into my bed and read it, and I knew long before I had finished that here was a man who had evolved a distinct way of writing. The book was Ask the Dust and the author was John Fante. He was to be a lifetime influence on my writing. I finished Ask the Dust and looked for other books of Fante’s in the library. I found two: Dago Red and Wait Until Spring, Bandini. They were of the same order, written of and from the gut and the heart.”

– Charles Bukowski, on the foreword of John Fante’s ‘Ask The Dust’


2 Responses to “and Bukowski said: “And here, at last, was a man who was not afraid of emotion””

  1. jun Says:

    então, né? agora já são você e ele falando bem do fante pra mim. devo acabar lendo. mas o bukowski não me inspira confiança. sujeito que sai aí pela estrada escrevendo diário… sei não, sei não.


  2. jun Says:

    ele é o bukowski, que flaou bem dele.
    mas mandei mal, confundi tudo. era o kerouac que tava na minha cabeça. do bukowski eu nem posso desgostar. li umas coisas na travessa ali da travessa qdo trabalhava ao lado e gostei, mas tão pouquinho…


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