for all the time that passed, everything was the completely opposite of this life: i was the hunter and they were my prey. i eyed them, i played them, i killed – my long fangs grabbed and never let go until I was satisfied. but now, see how the roles play: the beast is in love with the lamb, and this love being enough to make the beast himself regret his hunting days, to surrender and WANT to be, also, a lamb.

my soul scream from its very core, denies the shift in time… my soul claims its freedom, desires to hunt him, rip his skin, body and soul apart – but the heart, feeling tamed for once, refrains the matter and the spirit, relieves the unbearable pain in docile spirit…

the heart accepts and encourages the change… there is not a single thing the heart wants more to be the one beating fast inside the prey’s chest, to be ripped open over and over by this adorable lamb (or beast) that sooths the thirst for blood with only one look.


3 Responses to “almost-twilight”

  1. Barbs Says:

    O “posted in” no seu blog parece meio estranho…

    nos primeiros ele tá “Posted in 1″…e nos mais antigos tá “Posted in Post totais”…


  2. CèS Says:

    a turn of the screw


  3. jun Says:

    quase crepúsculo. ré.


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