must say I myself am a little gypsy too

“George was honest, prosperous and trusted by his customers. But George was not content. He felt there should be more to life than dispensing liver oil. In the spring of that year, the Societe Pharmeceutique formed an expedition to Central America to study the medicinal properties of certain natural compounds. George was the expedition’s most eager volunteer.

But his adventure took a turn he did not expect. One night, he was invited to drink unrefined cacao with a pinch of chili: the very same drink the ancient Maya used in their sacred ceremonies. The Maya believed cacao held the power to unlock hidden yearnings… and reveal destinies.

And so it was that George first saw Chitza. (…) The tribal elders tried to warn George about her. She was one of the wanderers, her people moved with the North Wind, from village to village dispensing ancient remedies and never settling down. Not a good choice for a bride. George did not heed their warning and, for a while, it seemed that he and Chitza might lead a happy life together in France.

Alas, the clever North Wind had other plans. One morning, George awoke to discover that Chitza and the little girl Vianne had gone away. Mother and daughter were fated to wander from village to village dispensing ancient cacao remedies, traveling with the wind, just as Chitza’s people had done for generations.”

“Will it just go on forever?”


now, your turn!

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