some late night thoughts

here i am, putting old pictures in new folders, choosing the best ones for a future project. anyway, lights turned off, television buzzing behind me softly. these old pictures, good times. we used to laugh so much. our haircuts were terrible too. i laugh at our bad clothes. i cry. i truly do. i am still crying right now. not only for the memories, for the good times or the bad times, for all the skies in between. i cry for my dream, my life that has changed. i just cry for such pretty moments i am glad i have captured. i shed thousand of tears for my old obsession of recording every moment, putting everything in here. i cry because i have lost my passion, my gift for the arts… i wet my keyboard without knowing if i will ever find it again.

but i guess i’ll stop now. and i guess i’ll put my batteries to recharge too.


now, your turn!

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