pardon me, i need to save myself first

wow, this place is windy!
just realized
the bar is on the outside.

is a cold-stone counter.

another drink, please.
shit, bartender,
where the fuck you’re going?

ain’t serving you no more, sir,
think you already had enough.

ow, man, screw you! it is still early!

it is a ten to eleven sir.
we are about to close.

oh, no, ten to eleven.
i have to work tomorrow!
no no i don’t.
fuck this job.
i’ll just do shots,
round after round…
ok let me
ok, let me be
let my soul go
i was meant to be free.
never meant for this shit.

*speech starts slurring*

gimme one more shot,
i am quitting my job tomorrow.

i thought you were,
getting your shit together.

i am.
believe, i am.

yeah, right.
you’ve been getting your shit together since the day we met.

i really don’t have to prove anything to you.
i am going home, now.
put it on my tab, ok?
i will be here monday, collecting my pay,
i’ll pay my debts.
today… well, don’t know.
but i am so quitting my job tomorrow.


now, your turn!

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