punch in the guts

you can say no for as long as you want, it’s always gonna come against your will. try to fool me, try to fool yourself, your mother and your father… go ahead, swear to god. or else go, close the doors, lock yourself in for a week… it won’t matter – it’s that overwhelming force again, pushing your body against the wall, tearing your mind in two. accept it, my friend, it’s better if you don’t mind, ’cause it’s coming, it’s undeniable and it’s unstoppable – there’s nothing any natural force can do about it.

it’s like a violator that invites itself in, it’s your pusher. you can try all you want, with all your will, to say “no, i don’t need it. no, i don’t want it.”… you will end up saying yes, begging for another time, another rush – just a small one – the last one, please please.

it’s always the same story. one can make it a likely story, other a really painful memory. it’s another web of lies, i tell you, and, once again, you can say you are out for good but you are not, my friend, you are just not, you are neck-deep in. you are just in. we are just in.


now, your turn!

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