(one side of a conversation)

triiiiiiiim… triiiim


oh! hi… did something happen?

oh, where am i? i am here… yeah.

yeah. oh, i just grabbed my things and took the train home. no, i am not mad. it’s alright… no, it’s not desolation. and it is SO not sadness. chill, ok?

i just have an edward hopper mood going on. i know, i know it sounds bad, but no no, it’s all good. relax. it’s all the karma balancing… it’s getting me tired. i am gonna sit quietly for a little time. please don’t come visiting. please don’t worry. give me a day and a night alone, right? i’ll come back, safe and sound.

i talk to you later, kay? call me tomorrow, kay? loveyakissesbuh-bye


now, your turn!

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