é brega, mas é minha confissão

i didn’t know where to start
how to say or
how to do it,
so, i’ll start from the beginning:
first of all,
this is plain and easy –

i love you
and always will.

(not so hard now that it’s out)

i want you to know
there you never left my mind,
that my heart still is your home
and that i want you here with me,
by my side, to grow older

i know i left
without explanation and
went far away and almost didn’t come back

but this is my love:

i know, it was selfish,
that i should have left a note
or a one week notice

– all the things i should have done
all the things that i didn’t do –

but time cannot come back
mistakes cannot be undone
so i won’t cry in regret

we are now alive
and living and happy.
i came back!
i always come back when i go!

i want you to open your door
to your bedroom
’cause i have the key to your heart

i can’t wait anymore to rest in your arms,
to put my head on your back
and go to sleep,
untangling your dreams,
tangling your sheets…

i cannot promise that i won’t go away
but i can promise my forever love
loyal, fierce, and strong.


now, your turn!

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